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The ShoreTel IP Office Phone System is a completely distributed, modular voice communication solution with no single point of failure that is layered on top of your IP network. The ShoreTel IP Telephones have a modern elegant style, which are easy to use. At the heart of the system is the standards-based Distributed IP Voice Architecture, which uniquely distributes call control intelligence to voice switches connected anywhere on the IP network. In addition, the Shoreline architecture distributes voice applications – including voicemail and automated attendant - to servers across locations, rather than centralizing applications at the network core.


The resultant solution provides a single image system for all locations and all voice applications. Gone are the days of multiple PBXs, multiple voice mail systems, multiple automated attendants, multiple ACD systems—all with their unique management interfaces. The Shoreline system is distributed, the voice applications are bundled, and the management interface is integrated—finally, somebody got it right.

ShoreTel IP Phone Model IP265

ShoreTel IP Phones Model IP265 with Color Display

ShoreTel Distributed Call Control
The heart of the ShoreTel IP Office system is the Distributed Call Control software that runs on the ShoreGear voice switches on top of VxWorks, an embedded, real-time operating system. Each call control element does the call setup and call tear down including features such as transfer, conference, forward, etc. The voice switches communicate on a peer-to-peer basis eliminating any single point of failure. For instance, if one ShoreGear voice switch goes off-line, all other ShoreGear voice switches continue operating. When the voice switch comes back on-line, the switch rejoins the voice network without impacting system operation. There is no server involved with the basic telephony, thus the system delivers levels of availability unmatched by even legacy vendors.

ShoreTel IP Office Phone Systems by KTS of California

ShoreWare Software
The ShoreWare software is composed of Distributed Call Control Software, Voice Application Software, Desktop Application Software, and Management Software.

ShoreWare Director is a browsed-based network management tool that provides a single management interface for all voice applications across all locations. When you add a new user on the Shoreline system, the user gets an extension, gets a mailbox, gets an auto-attendant profile, can be added to an ACD group, and even gets an E-mail to download their desktop software - all from a single management screen. Gone are the days of multiple PBXs, multiple voice mail systems, multiple automated attendants, multiple ACD systems—all with their multiple management interfaces!


Distributed Voice Mail System and Applications