ShoreTel IP Phones

ShoreTel offers a wide range of telephones to provide the right solution for each application - be it an executive, executive assistant, operator, ACD agent or supervisor, or general office user. ShoreTel phones give end users the features and quality they demand. Also, ShorePhones™ are pre-configured to match the ShoreTel system, which eliminates configuration issues during installation.

Key Features:

  • Sight, Touch, and Sound
  • Directory
  • History
  • Programmability
  • Personal Options


Key Benefits:

  • Ergonomic design for effortless communication
  • Engines of Productivity
  • Flexibility drives cost savings
ShorePhone IP Telephones
ShoreTel IP 565g ShorePhone IP 565g
6 lines
Color Screen, Bluetooth
Gigabit Ethernet, Speakerphone
ShoreTel IP 115 ShorePhone IP 115
1 line
ShoreTel IP 560g ShorePhone IP 560g
6 lines
Gigabit Ethernet
ShoreTel IP 110 ShorePhone IP 110
1 line
ShoreTel IP 560 ShorePhone IP 560
6 lines
ShoreTel IP 8000 ShorePhone IP 8000
2 lines
Conference rooms
ShoreTel IP 265 ShorePhone IP 265
6 lines
Color Screen
ShorePhone BB 24 ShorePhone BB 24
24 lines / feature keys
Button Box
ShoreTel IP 230 ShorePhone IP 230
3 lines
ShorePhone AP 100 ShorePhone AP 100
1 line
ShoreTel IP 212k ShorePhone IP 212k
12 lines
Key systems