Toshiba CTX28KTS Network Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1983 and has grown to become one of the most dependable business communication systems firms in Southern California, Los Angeles and Orange County area. Our services and products include business telephone systems, voice mail, computer-telephony integration applications, Voice Mail Systems, and computer networking solutions, plus more.

"Our People Make the Difference"

Without exception, there is no other firm that can offer you the spectrum of expertise and products that you will find when you work with KTS Services. This combination assures you the most efficient and effective solution is designed to meet your individual needs. Our specialists are as knowledgeable in the sensitivities of sophisticated businesses as they are in the complexities of business communications. Therefore, they realize how important it is that our services and products reflect the image you choose to communicate.


Nortel Networks By KTS Services, Inc. Southern, California

"We’re in the Business of Blending Technology with People"

As you know, with the implementation of any new technology into your business there will be some change from the way things have been done in the past. Also, with change, especially when technology is blended with humans, you may experience some consternation during transition and, of course, many rewarding benefits. In the event of a problem, we will work quickly to resolve your concerns, whether a technical problem or human error. We are in the business of ‘blending technology with our customers’ to maximize the benefits of change.


"We’ll Tailor a Business Solution to Meet Your Requirements"

Business communication systems vary considerably. So, to make sure the fit is right, we will meet with you and analyze your needs. These needs may include telephone systems, voice mail systems, data communication systems, client/server applications, or any combination of other communication devices. At KTS Services, we’re experts at converting the most complex telecommunications technology into easy-to-use systems that will maximize your productivity. We can provide everything you will need —hardware, Business Office, voice cabling, data cabling, fiber optic cabling, and complete installation and service support.


"We View our Success as Being Solely Dependent upon our Ability to Help our Customers Succeed by Using our Products and Services"

It seems everyone claims to have great service, but so few really do. Our personal, professional service has been the major reason for our stability and growth over 20 years in an industry where so many have disappeared. If you are looking for excellence, look to KTS Services for the full spectrum of business communications solutions and service.


KTS Services is proud to represent Toshiba Toshiba Phone Systems and wireless communication systems from high quality manufacturers and suppliers. We offer Toshiba Phone Systems direct from Toshiba Telecom. We service Southern California Toshiba Phone Systems to Southern California Office Phone Systems. Our Toshiba Phone Systems Los Angeles operations is headquartered in Southern California, in Los Angeles County, California. We are not just phones systems, not just Southern California Toshiba Phone Systems, but we provide TOTAL COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS for the following brands and primary service areas.