Business Communications Manager

Business Communications Manager (BCM) delivers small and medium-size businesses and branch offices the only industry-wide converged voice/data solution, providing customers a choice of either an IP-enabled or pure-IP strategy. With unified messaging, multimedia call center and wireless e-mobility capabilities, Business Communications Manager enables communication on a single application while providing users mobile flexibility. It leverages existing Meridian and Norstar investments.

Key Features:

  • Universal Internet Access for all connected users and workstations, including access to corporate intranets, support for intra-site Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and remote connectivity for mobile or home users.
  • Simplified Network Infrastructure cuts costs by connecting IPphones over the LAN wiring system, seamlessly extending features to multiple sites through IP connectivity and streamlining network management.
  • Redundant Hard Drive Capability Full redundancy, including power, fans and hard-drive, automatically detects failures and switches over seamlessly without any loss of service. This optional feature provides protection where security and reliability are the key drivers to communications systems.
  • Browser-based Management simplifies installations, and provides an intuitive, wizards-based method of managing the network from any Web-enabled workstation.
  • Centralized voice mail and management The networking capabilities of IP telephony make centralized applications for messaging and management more cost effective than ever before. Enterprise customers receive the benefits of standard greetings, global administration, and a common interface across their network.