Norstar Integrated Communications Portfolio

KTS Services-Norstar Integrated Communications Portfolio is comprised of telephony solutions for small-to-medium businesses and branch offices, with growth up to 272 ports (192 stations). This fully digital platform brings together all your communications - voicemail, fax, email, computer and telephone - right at your desktop. Advanced integrated applications include enhanced call centers and computer telephony integration.

Products in Portfolio:

Norstar Integrated Communications Systems (ICS) portfolio includes three systems, with growth up to 272 ports. The systems are the Norstar 3x8 ICS, Norstar Compact ICS, and Norstar Modular ICS.

Business Series Terminals portfolio ranges from an entry-level, single-line telephone designed for public areas, to a multi-line, display-telephone for high call volume users; as well as a cordless phone, audio conferencing unit, and door phone.

Norstar Call Centers use digital technology to provide full integration with the Norstar telephone sets and reduce the number of ports required, supporting from 2 to 120 lines, and 2 to 80 agents.

Messaging suite of products and applications designed for small to mid-size businesses, from under 10 to as many as 1,000 employees. Applications include voicemail, desktop messaging, fax messaging, and digital networking.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications include screen pops, voicemail and email management, on-screen point-and-click telephone directories, remote access to communications resources for telecommuters and frequent travelers, intelligent call routing and control, and database integration.


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