Flexible Solutions For The Way
Your Company Communicates

Small businesses need a flexible telecommunication system that can easily adapt their changing and growing needs. The Strata CTX100 is specifically designed to provide the exact telecommunication features your business requires today, and as it grows in the future. That makes the Strata CTX100 the ultimate cost-effective telecommunication solution to give you the investment protection you need.

Whether you need a basic telephone system or advanced capabilities, you can expand functionality as needed. The Strata CTX100 digital business telephone system offers valuable options to provide the comprehensive solution for your full range of telecommunication needs:

  • Multiple System Networking
  • Remote User Access
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • ACD/MIS Call Center Functions
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Voice Mail/Auto Attendant

Adaptability Assures Investment Protection

When your needs grow, so will your Strata CTX100 system. Universal slot architecture lets you combine CO lines, telephones, and peripherals in any configuration you need. Its scalable design provides the flexibility to start small and expand up to 112 ports–or even more if you network multiple Strata CTX systems.

Upgrading performance and capacity is simple, without major expense. If you upgrade to a larger Strata CTX670 system in the future, you can even reuse your existing Toshiba digital telephones, and many of the CO line and station cards. This enables you to continually control costs, maximize return on investment, and increase productivity.

Communicate With Ease

While Strata CTX100 is technologically advanced, it’s designed to be easy to use. That means your employees will get the most out of the system’s powerful communication capabilities:

  • Intuitive interface matches the way your employees naturally use the telephone.
  • Displays simple instructions – including voice mail controls – on the telephone’s LCD screen.
  • Enables employees to use sophisticated features with minimal training.
  • Save lots of time by executing frequently used calling features at the touch of one button.
  • User-programmable buttons make it a snap!

Control Costs For Greater Profitability

Strata CTX100 improves both your operational efficiency and your bottom line. Here’s how Strata CTX100 helps you control costs:

Information on every incoming and outgoing call is at your fingertips to help you determine cost-saving strategies.

  • Control employee access to long-distance calling.
  • Calls are routed via your least costly trunk line or long-distance carrier.
  • Take advantage of cost-effective high-speed digital services.
  • Remote system programming and administration won’t disrupt normal business operations.

Together, these Strata CTX100 capabilities combine to provide you with solutions that match your business communication requirements and contribute to your profitability – now and years from now.

Stratagy Voice Processing And Voice Mail Solutions

Businesses of all sizes now rely on voice mail and overall voice processing to help manage calls, provide superior customer service, enhance productivity, and facilitate communications. With Toshiba Stratagy voice processing, your employees won’t miss calls, messages, or opportunities, improving your company’s efficiency and bottom line.

You can choose from a variety of Toshiba Stratagy voice processing systems created for different voice processing needs and budgets. Toshiba Stratagy systems are designed to deliver maximum functionality and value when integrated with Toshiba business telephone systems.