California LAN Cabling Contractor

KTS Services, Inc. providing Southern California Toshiba Phone Systems Los Angeles know KTS as Toshiba's best.Voice & Data Cabling Professionals at KTS Services Communications

KTS Services is able to consult with you for all your communication systems design needs. We have staff with extensive knowledge of computer networking and telephony who will be able to solve all your communication needs.

 We hold a California State Contractors License and our expert  licensed installers are fully trained to install structured cabling for Toshiba, 3COM, Lucent, Krone, Mod-Tap, Leviton and Nortel and are qualified to certify your site for Structured Cabling to the latest standards. We are also able to install, telephone and fiber optic backbone cabling both internal and external to your building, Cable Access TV (CATV) cabling and CATV System Equipment, Public Address (PA) cabling and amplifiers plus power and lighting.

voice and data cabling by KTS Services, CablePro  2002 Access Networking Solutions, CablePro is a design tool for structured cablings systems. Visit http://www.access-networking.comKTS Services can also design your computer networking hardware requirements for LAN and WAN environments. By using the leading edge technology, we are able to provide networking equipment that will expand your existing network to Gigabit speed and double your existing fiber optic capacity.

By utilizing our technical staff from either our Telephone or Network Services departments, we can cover all areas of your communication requirements PBX, LAN, and WAN systems to give you a complete communications package with only one stop shopping.