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"We Want to be Your In-house IT and Telecommunications Department"

We help businesses by providing IT systems & support that improve communication, efficiency and disaster recovery. Please call (800) 400-6245 Or Click Here to Request a Call Via Email to see how our California Network can help you!

We want to be your customer-telephony focused IT support company offering you a dedicated team of IT professionals who specialize within a portfolio of services across Orange County, Los Angeles and across the USA. Our portfolio of services include IT Support Services and we are able to provide you access to a team of specialized professionals that have a passion for technology and the many benefits it can bring to your business systems and communications. We look at providing complete solutions and will take the time to fully understand not only your requirements, but also your business, this is key to providing a solution that fits YOU. We explain things in simple terms that make it easy for you to fully understand and we recommend processes that would suit your business and tell you why. We then make technology work for you and your company, with as little interruption as possible. We work with a variety of companies that do not have their own specialized in house IT staff and we can become an extension of your own in house IT department; effectively it is like having your own INHOUSE IT department on call, just without the expense of actually hiring dedicated IT support staff.

Disaster Recovery

How would it affect your business if you lost critical data or had an unexpected loss of access to your computer systems? Most companies would suffer greatly, which is why we can provide robust, reliable IT systems to meet the demands of your growing business. From remote access solutions to online backups, we will ensure your computer systems and critical data are covered in the event of a disaster. Full corporate-class disaster recovery planning and implementation is available through KTS, providing your company with a hassle-free IT system.

Internet Marketing Services

Through our ABCI Marketing affiliate, we will provide you with targeted traffic to your web site(s) by methods such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and content management and creation. Our SEO specialists will show you what you need to beat your competitors to the business leads that are possible via the internet.Click Here to Request a Call via Email

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