AT&T Network RepresentativeAT&T Solution Provider of Los Angeles California

KTS Services is an authorized sales representative for the New AT&T. This means you can obtain most AT&T business service offerings by contacting our office. The price to you is the same, whether you order directly through AT&T or KTS Services. If you are integrating AT&T services with your hardware based telephone system, in many cases you will find it easier to order through us.

KTS Network Solutions, Inc. providing Southern California Toshiba Phone Systems Los Angeles know KTS as Toshiba's best. Our customers are counting on us to offer them the very best solution to their business technology needs. And to make sure we deliver our portfolio includes the superior quality of the most highly acclaimed network services in the industry: AT&T products and services. As an AT&T Solution Provider, we sell the full range of award-winning AT&T services, including the latest mobility, virtual private networks (VPNs), hosting, security, voice and data services that your midsized and small customers need. As a member of the AT&T Alliance Channel, we Accelerate your business' ROI as we provide end-to end data, IP, hosting and voice solutions to new and existing customers. You gain a competitive edge by positioning with AT&T's trusted brand to expand your positioning with customers by leveraging our AT&T's broad suite of top-rated service offers. When you invest in the AT&T Network, you're investing in the growth of your business. The benefits of the AT&T Network come in the form of maximum uptime, and quality of servcie. The goal of the AT&T Network is to help you do what you do best: qualify and serve your customers. We provide you with the global network tools to help you expand the reach of customers.