IP Office Phones and Business Telephone Systems

As a leader in telecommunications technology, Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division is committed to designing and manufacturing America's highest quality business communication systems. Toshiba markets a complete line of business communication solutions developed to address the needs of today's small to medium-sized enterprises.

Toshiba's Strata CIX and Strata DK families of digital business communication systems, office phone systems, PC-based Strata CS communication server, and Stratagy voice processing systems are highly regarded throughout the industry for their superior quality and reliability.


ShoreTel Authorized Reseller or Dealer KTS Network Solutions of Los Angeles and Orange County California
ShoreTel® is a leading provider of Pure IP Unified Communications solutions and known for exceptional customer satisfaction. ShoreTel's distributed architecture delivers unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability, plus a user interface that sets the standard for ease-of-use.

ShoreTel's Unified Communications system encompasses phones, switches, and software that are designed to allow easy deployment and rapid flexibility, and deliver world-class quality. ShoreTel's IP phones provide the ultimate in ergonomic and aesthetics design, as well as superior audio quality. ShoreGear® voice switches are purpose-built appliances with no moving media, delivering unmatched reliability and availability. And the ShoreWare® Call Manager end-user application suite makes it easier for users to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anyway they choose.


Toshiba Strata CTX-100 Office Phone SystemsToshiba Strata CTX-100 Office Phone Systems

The Strata CTX100 is specifically designed to provide the exact telecommunication features your business requires today, and as it grows in the future.

ShoreGear® Family of SwitchesShoreGear Voice Switches

ShoreTel ShoreGear® Voice Switches deliver reliable unified communications across multiple enterprise locations, enabling organizations of any size to easily integrate and manage all communications - including voice, data, messaging and video.

ShoreGear voice switches also manage ShorePhone IP phones, analog lines, PSTN, and ITSP trunks; providing n+1 fault tolerance for any other ShoreGear voice switch on your network.

Toshiba Stratagy Voice Mail Systems

Stratagy gives you several models to choose from, all developed by Toshiba. Since Stratagy is extremely flexible and expandable, it can easily meet your needs.

ShoreWare Call Manager

Transforming the way business communicates with the ShoreWare Call Manager, which is a Unified Communications end-user application suite.

Each application offers your organization a way to empower your users to communicate via video, voice (wired or wireless) or IM, streamlining business communications, improving communication accuracy, and enhancing overall end user productivity.


  • Find and connect to people fast
  • Know who is available, and by what means
  • See who's calling or sending an IM
  • Utilize IM and open up more opportunities to communicate
  • Manage voicemail and contacts through Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Conduct clear, person-to-person video calls
  • Access all key features in one window with tabbed contents
  • Keep mobile workers reachable, anytime, anywhere
  • Minimize end user training with a single, customizable interface


Toshiba Digital Telephones

Our full line of telephones provides the industry's strongest solution to meeting your changing telecommunication needs, no matter what size or type of business you have.


ShorePhone IP Phones

ShoreTel offers a wide range of telephones to provide the right solution for each application - be it an executive, executive assistant, operator, ACD agent or supervisor, or general office user. ShoreTel phones give end users the features and quality they demand. Also, ShorePhones™ are pre-configured to match the ShoreTel system, which eliminates configuration issues during installation.



Toshiba Strata DK424i Phone Systems

The Strata DK424i system offers comprehensive features that meet your full range of telecommunication needs, whether your business is small or large.


Toshiba Strata CS Phone Systems

The Strata CS communication server brings advanced telephony features to the desktop computer and provides you control of your telephone calls and voice mail directly from your desktop PC through a graphical user interface.


Toshiba Strata CTX-100 Office Phone SystemsToshiba Phone System Help

On-line help and tools for changing time on Toshiba office phone  systems, labeling Toshiba phones and managing your office telephone lines, features and data circuits.




KTS Services is proud to represent Toshiba Office Phone Systems and wireless communication systems from high quality Office Phone Systems manufacturers and Office Phone Systems suppliers. We offer Toshiba Office Phone Systems direct from Toshiba Telecom. We service Orange County Area Office Phone Systems to Orange County Area Voice Mail Systems. Our Office Phone Systems Orange County Area operations is headquartered in the Orange County Area, in Los Angeles County, California. We are not just office phones systems, not just Orange County Area Toshiba Phone Systems, but we provide TOTAL COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS for the following brands and primary service areas. If your City is not listed, please call us at (800) 397-1201. We may have personnel that already service your community.


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Toshiba Stratagy 24 Voice Mail System
Toshiba Strata DK Office Phone System
Toshiba DK 280 Office Phone System
Toshiba DK424 Office Phone System
ToshibaDK424i Office Phone System
Toshiba DK96 Office Phone System
Toshiba DK56 Office Phone System
Toshiba DK24 Office Phone System
Toshiba DK14 Office Phone System
Toshiba DK8 Office Phone System
Toshiba Perception Office Phone System
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